Dr. Powelson is conveniently located to better serve you!  The office is equipped with highly knowledgable and friendly staff to assist you, an integrated electronic health records system, and high tech ocular imaging equipment.  Call today for your appointment!


We accept most health insurance plans, and are able to bill them electronically.  If you carry an insurance plan from a company with whom we are out of network, we are happy to provide you with a paid invoice to submit for reimbursement.  


At your appointment, please bring with you:

  • New patient paperwork that we will mail to your home prior to the appointment, if applicable


  • ALL insurance cards, including health and vision plans- If you do not have insurance information with you at the time of your appointment, or if they are found to be inactive, you will be responsible for all charges incurred.


  • A list of all medications you take, including those that have been precribed to you by another doctor, over the counter medications, vitamins, supplements, etc., as many medications can influence eye health


  • A driver if you have had trouble after dilation in the past


Other important notes about your upcoming appointment:


Please arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time so that we can get all of your information entered into our electronic health care records database.  We may also need to obtain authorization from your insurance company upon your arrival.


If you were last seen by another doctor, we may have you sign a release of information at your appointment to obtain information about your eye health, latest prescription, contact lens brands, etc.


Appointments can be expected to last at least an hour, due to the thoroughness of our services.


If you wear any glasses- prescription or pharmacy readers- please bring them with you.


If you wear contact lenses, please inform the staff when you call to make an appointment.  Also, you should have them in your eyes prior to your arrival and bring your contact lense case and glasses with you.  If they were fitted at another office, please bring the box with prescription information to your appointment.


Many of our patients and staff have severe sensitivities to scents, so we request that you refrain from using perfume, cologne, lotion, or other scented products on the day of your appointment.  Thank you!