The following list provides information about insurance types, coverage, and some of the companies with whom we have a relationship.  If your insurance is not listed, that does not mean it cannot be billed.  Please call with any questions.


Medical insurance provides coverage for services that affect your ocular (eye) health.  This includes routine exams, special testing, post operative care following cataract surgery, emergency visits, etc.  As with any other specialist, you will be responsible for charges that count toward your deductible and any specialist copay.


Vision insurance provides coverage for services that affect the determintion of visual conditions such as myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia and the materials needed to correct these conditions (such as glasses and contacts).  Plans may include a frame allowance, lens and/or contact lens allowance, contact lens fitting, and the portion of the exam when the doctor determines your prescription.  Please call your carrier for exact benefit information.



Medical insurance coverage,VERY limited vision benefits



Medical and vision coverage until age 21 (ALL plans accepted)

Medical coverage only for ages over 21


Other Medical Insurances:

Highmark-Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, TriCare, ABC, Coventry, FEP Blue, Health Smart Benefits, Humana, United Health Care, Benefit Assistance Corp., Signa, Health Scope, and Met Life


Primarily Medical coverage but some vision coverage included  


Vision plans:

Davis vision, VSP, Eyemed, Etc.


Vision coverage only

We are an out of network provider, so we will provide you with a paid invoice to submit for reimbursement.