VSP (Vision Service Plan)






As of May 1, 2015 we will no longer be a participating provider of Vision Service Plan (VSP).  VSP has made some recent business decisions that we feel are NOT in our patient's best interest!  We have been a provider since the early 80's and until recently have enjoyed a positive relationship with them.  


One of the changes made by VSP concerns a "house brand" of frames they are requesting that we use.  Patients are required to pay more out-of-pocket for them (as much as 25%).  They are also encouraging each practice to purchase an extensive inventory (costing $25,000.00) to become a "Preferred VSP Provider".   This is an attempt on the part of VSP to equate the quality of our professional skills with the volume of purchases made!  We feel this is unethical!


We have also experienced greater patient co-pays for certain types of lens options; such as anti-reflective lenses, progressive bifocal designs, and different lens treatment options.  VSP markets their own "proprietary brands" of these products that we feel are not as desirable as brands we have been using for years.  One such product involves Crizal antireflective coating. We feel this a superior coating vs. the "house brand" that is recommended by VSP. 


VSP has also "aligned" themselves with the large "commercial" opticals.  We have NO problems with the large opticals participating with VSP optical plans; we do however, object to the unfair business practices they afford these larger outlets.  They are permitted to use their "in house" laboratories to fabricate lenses, where as we must use an "authorized" VSP sanctioned lab (where turn around time is much slower than when using private labs).  


Finally, VSP has started opening their own "brick and morter" stores on the west coast which is ultimately restricting members from obtaining care from the Optometric Physician of choice.  If this trend continues, that would mean you would eventually NOT be permitted to have Dr. Powelson provide your eye and vision care! 


REMEMBER...This has NO bearing on your medical care.  Therefore, if you are diabetic, have glaucoma, cataracts, hypertension, dry eye, or eye allergies (to name a few), we will continue to be able to provide your eyecare and medical treatment AND bill this care to your medical insurance. 


If you purchase your eyewear or contacts through us, you will recieve a cash discount and can be reimbursed by VSP (at their out of network fee schedule) and we will be glad to complete your VSP form.  If you have your exam here and wish to have the glasses made by another VSP member, a copy of your perscription will be provided. 


We are in no way suggesting that you withdrawl from VSP.  This must be a personal , private individual/family decision.  We suggest you analyze the expenses you are incurring as your monthly premiums, how you utilize your coverage, and decide what kind of coverage is most beneficial for you.  We here at Shinnston Family Eyecare and Mannington Eye Associates truly do care about your eyes and vision.  Remember we have always and will continue to  work hard to earn your trust and loyalty.