Dr. Powelson offers comprehensive eye exams, emergency/industrial care, the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases, contact lens fitting and materials, and the prescription and fabrication of glasses.


Comprehensive eye exams are recommended annually.  The doctor measures intraocular pressure, evaluates vision, examines retinal and corneal health, and more.  It is important to establish a baseline of your health, as well as treat any existing conditions.  Acedemic success is influenced by binocular performance, so even children who can see should have an exam.


Emergency/industrial care involves the removal of foreign materials, treatment of flashburn, isolation of infection, removal of irritating eyelashes, pain management, and more.  


The diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease is made possible with testing and individualized treatment plans. Special testing includes cataract, glaucoma, dry eye, and LASIK evaluations and imaging for diabetic and hypertensive conditions.  This not only helps paint a clear picture of your ocular health, but it also allows the doctor to analyze your treatment options.


Contact lens fitting and materials is a way to explore your options for the best vision possible.  Even if you were told that you were not a candidate for contacts in the past, Dr. Powelson might be able to help you.


The prescription and fabrication of glasses

Dr. Powelson will evaluate your vision and determine your prescription with a refraction during your comprehensive exam.  You can then order glasses specially made for you.  The spectacle lenses prescribed at our office are the best quality available and are the same worn by the doctor and staff.  Lens treatment options include rimless mounting, invisible progressive bifocals, shatter resistant safety lenses, antireflective coating for work under fluorescent lights and night driving, and transitions that turn dark outside.  


Our frame selection ranges from an attractive budget line to top of the line luxury brands- Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Timex, Titanium Perfection, Boss Orange, Juicy Couture, Kensie, Lily Pulitzer, Fossil, and many more!


Did you get your glasses from us and they are sliding or rubbing?  We want you to be happy with your new glasses, so you are encouraged to call for an adjustment for no charge.


Pretesting machines
A technician will perform tests to provide the doctor with preliminary information for your exam.
Slit lamp
A slit lamp is a binocular microscope that allows the doctor to view different areas of the eye.
Frame room
These are just a portion of our eyeglass frames available.
A light scans the retina and optic nerve, creating a three dimensional image.
Visual Fields
This test provides a map of the visual fields of each eye individually.
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